"With words, you can say anything. You can lie as long as the day, but you cannot lie in the recreation of an experience."

~ Louise Bourgeois

My work is a journey, a road leading towards the unconscious land where dreams are a mystery, experiences are pages of a notebook, and existence is a surreal drama. 

Being raised in a patriarchal society, I have noticed — and witnessed — that a woman is to be caged within its boundaries — suffering and silencing her fears, choking her aspirations in order to survive. My artistic response defines these circumstances through varied artistic media. Such sentiments emerge as female bodies that have rationally and irrationally, physically and emotionally been the victims of abuse and trauma. In one of the TED Talks (2010), Eve Ensler shares her thoughts about being a female:

“Being a girl is so powerful that we have trained everyone not to be that.” 

My work responds to female objectification and depicts how male-dominancy affects the individuality of a woman. For me, a woman’s body is an emotional baggage that is destined to physical transformations. Such changes are driven by the uncontrollable need to express, which as a result— psychologically and physiologically — transfigures the body in the process. Those struggling moments, as a result, generate a mutative response. I, therefore, capture those instances and depict it through my art practice.

I dedicate my work to all the women who display strength even in the most defeated circumstances.